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Virtual reality (VR) has possibilities beyond revolutionizing how people play video games. Its potential extends into various fields, including education and medicine. The team at Neurovella Brain Spa in Los Angeles understands and utilizes the immersive experience of VR to promote meditation and relaxation using Oculus headsets to deliver controlled and effective therapy. Call or click today to learn more.

What is an Oculus headset?

Oculus VR is the first practical VR headset, a goggle-like device similar a diver’s mask. Originally funded through a Kickstarter campaign, Oculus VR existed as an independent company for just over 600 days before Facebook recognized the potential of VR and developed hardware that successfully delivered the promise of VR imaging.

While gaming is the mainstream use of the Oculus Rift, the headset's immersive capabilities are so sophisticated that they’re utilized for other purposes, including medical therapy.

How are Oculus headsets used in the medical field?

A convincing distraction manages and mitigates pain more efficiently than morphine in some cases. The University of Washington uses VR games to distract burn patients from pain during their recovery; using VR while the patient undergoes physical therapy and wound care reduces the perception of pain better than medication.

One potential risk of VR is that come to prefer it as opposed to real life. However, the homebound and disabled already have restrictions in real-world settings. As such, VR produces simulations that ease the challenges facilitated by being differently-abled in this world.

Surgical training is another application with significant potential to challenge traditional training methods. For example, Stanford University uses surgery simulators that include touch feedback while working on 3D models made from computed tomography (CT) images.

How does the Oculus headset help with neurology?

With the bombardment of sensory stimuli common in contemporary society, the ability to effectively relax and meditate is increasingly challenging. Oculus headsets are exceptionally suited to blocking out such distractions. Subsequently, Oculus products are excellent tools for teaching meditative breathing techniques.

Exposure therapy through VR is particularly effective at facilitating controlled environments wherein you can be safely exposed to phobias or post-traumatic stress triggers. This permits the development of coping strategies in an environment that’s convincing and immersive, without exposure to real danger.

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