Brain Mapping

Brain Mapping
Brain mapping is a tool showing electrical activity in different regions of the brain. It’s used by the team at Neurovella Brain Spa in Los Angeles to evaluate areas that are hyperactive or underactive, then to develop a neurofeedback program that restores balance. As you learn to change brain activity with neurofeedback training, you achieve relief from pain and symptoms caused by stress, depression, anxiety, and PTSD, to name just a few of the conditions that can benefit from brain mapping and neurofeedback.

Brain Mapping Q & A

Neurovella Brain Spa

What is the purpose of brain mapping?

Brain mapping reveals how different areas of your brain function while you perform tasks and process information. This information identifies areas of your brain that aren’t functioning correctly and whether they’re underactive or overactive. The team at Neurovella Brain Spa uses this information to customize treatments, such as neurofeedback, that optimize or restore neurological activity in all brain regions.

How is brain mapping performed?

When you come to Neurovella Brain Spa for brain mapping, one of the team members places an electroencephalography (EEG) cap on your head. The cap contains sensors that detect brain activity.

In addition to collecting electrical activity, the system records your brain’s reaction time as you respond to questions on a computer. Cardiovascular responses also are gathered to evaluate your stress response.

Once the device collects and records the relevant information, it’s analyzed and printed out on a report that maps the electrical activity in each region of the brain.

What is neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback trains your brain with specialized computer software that displays your brain’s electrical activity on a computer screen in real time. The computer uses a video game that shows whether you need to increase or decrease brain activity to reach your desired level of functioning.

You control the game using brainwaves. As you make purposeful changes in electrical activity, you get immediate feedback by seeing items move on the computer screen in response to your brain waves. Over time, neurofeedback retrains your brain activity and rewires neural connections.

It’s important to know that neurofeedback doesn’t treat specific disorders. It’s used to change the pattern of electrical activity in your brain, which in turn modifies areas that control pain, emotions, cognition, memory, and executive function. As brain activity changes in specific regions, symptoms controlled by that area are relieved.

How does neurofeedback work together with brain mapping?

Your brain map is compared to maps illustrating typical brain activity for people in your age group. The comparison reveals whether any part of your brain has any activity that’s higher or lower than the average.

Based on your brain map, a neurofeedback program is developed to target areas of the brain that are out of balance. If you’re at Neurovella Brain Spa to alleviate pain, your brain map likely shows hyperactivity in regions that control pain. Your neurofeedback program targets those areas and works to reduce activity consciously.

After finishing your neurofeedback training, a second brain map is produced that identifies changes in electrical activity relative to your first brain map.

If you suffer from symptoms that can be relieved with neurofeedback training -- or if you have symptoms and you need to learn whether neurofeedback can help -- contact the office at 855-855-BRAIN or schedule an appointment online. The team at Neurovella Brain Spa looks forward to answering your questions and finding ways to help.

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