Any traumatic brain injury needs close monitoring, even if it’s only a mild concussion. If your concussion leads to ongoing headaches, confusion, or feeling like you’re in a fog, then meditation, brain mapping, and neurofeedback offered by the team at Neurovella Brain Spa in Los Angeles can relieve symptoms and restore balance to brain activity. They help NFL players and other clients in the community get help for symptoms caused by concussions. Contact the Brain Spa at 855-855-BRAIN or schedule an appointment online.

Concussions Q & A

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How does brain mapping direct concussion therapy?

Brain mapping begins with an electroencephalogram (EEG), which measures electrical activity in your brain. Your EEG is recorded while you perform tasks on a computer. Doing so provides information that indicates how well your brain functions.

The EEG information facilitates the production of a map illustrating activity in each region of your brain. If you have ongoing symptoms after a concussion, brain mapping identifies areas of the brain that aren’t functioning sufficiently or efficiently; neurofeedback can then help restore normal levels of neurological activity.

Depending on your individual needs, neuroimaging may also be used to produce images of brain structures. That illustrates any changes following a concussion, which is then used to compose an individualized treatment program.

How does neurofeedback work?

Neurofeedback uses a specialized computer program that reflects your brain activity through a video game. The game shows whether you need to increase or decrease electrical activity.

As you purposefully make your brain respond to stimuli, the modified brain waves manifest on the computer screen. As you continue training your brain using neurofeedback, you can rewire neural connections that were damaged due to a concussion.

Can meditation help alleviate a concussion?

Mindfulness meditation relieves the natural stress response that occurs following a concussion. It may also augment the brain’s neuroplasticity -- the ability to build new connections between brain cells -- which enhances healing following a brain injury. The capacity of mindfulness meditation to relax the body and distract the brain also assists in relieving residual pain from a concussion. 

Mindfulness meditation is accomplished at Neurovella Brain Spa using:

Virtual reality-guided meditation

Cutting-edge virtual reality (VR) headsets immerse you in a peaceful environment. Simultaneously, you follow a guided meditation that relieves stress and anxiety and enables a state of mindfulness.

Meditation chair

After you recline in this contoured, zero gravity chair, peaceful music eases your mind while you receive acoustic vibrations at frequencies that alleviate tension throughout your body. The total experience produces deep relaxation, relieves stress, and promotes mental, emotional, and physical wellness.

What other therapies may support recovery from a concussion?

Neurovella Brain Spa also offers:

IV Infusions

Intravenous (IV) infusions contain optimal doses of vitamins and antioxidants known to alleviate specific health conditions. After a concussion, IV magnesium relieves and prevents headaches, while a range of nutrients promotes healing and brain health.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

Transcranial magnetic stimulation uses painless magnetic fields to stimulate nerves in the brain. It’s a safe and effective option that may reduce post-concussive symptoms such as headaches.

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