One-third of Americans rely on complementary medicine, and one of their most popular mind-body practices is meditation. The team at Neurovella Brain Spa in Los Angeles can help you take meditation to the next level, with their innovative spa chair and virtual reality-guided meditation. They also make the practice user-friendly and can ease even the most reluctant clients into mastering basic mindfulness. Contact the Brain Spa at 855-855-BRAIN or schedule an appointment online to learn how immersive meditation can relieve stress and promote brain health.

Meditation Q & A

Neurovella Brain Spa

What are the benefits of meditation?

By focusing on the present moment, you naturally release thoughts of the past and future that cause stress, depression, and anxiety. Meditation fights fatigue and boosts physical health. It demonstrably reduces the number of disease-causing free radicals in your body and lowers blood pressure.

Studies show that practicing meditation is one of the best ways to reduce stress. Chronic stress upregulates levels of stress hormones, causing physical changes in the brain and negative rumination. Meditation helps release those thought patterns, eliminating their influence over your emotions and reducing stress.

Mindfulness-based meditation reduces biomarkers of stress, such as adrenocorticotropic hormones and pro-inflammatory cytokines. Changes in these biomarkers provide evidence that meditation enhances resilience to stress.

How does meditation help your brain?

Meditation helps your brain grow, literally increasing gray matter in areas of the brain associated with regulating emotions. It also enhances the size of brain regions associated with attention, concentration, and memory processing.  As you continue to practice meditation, it may slow down the effects of aging, although this is still under investigation.

How can technology facilitate meditation?

The team at Neurovella Brain Spa stays up to date with the latest neuroscience research to ensure that their meditation therapies are effective and give you the best possible experience. This is achieved through a rigorous review of current practices by a group of scientific advisors and research staff. Their primary meditation therapies use a combination of the latest technology to enhance your results: 

Meditation chair

A zero gravity, reclined and contoured chair that enables an immersive 
experience through deep relaxation, 3D sound, neuromuscular stimulation, 
and multi-frequency acoustic vibrations.

The Brain Spa offers several types of sessions in the meditation chair, including relaxation and stimulation sessions synchronized with nature sounds, music, and neuromuscular massage. All of the sessions produce an ultimate experience of profound serenity, meditation, and physiological balance.

Virtual reality-guided meditation

Virtual reality (VR) headgear places you in an immersive environment that enhances your ability to relax and focus on a peaceful, guided meditation. You can choose from a variety of guided meditations that help focus your brain and drain outside thoughts.


Many forms of meditative practices are in development at Neurovella; stay tuned for the entire NEUROVELLA OCTAVE™, which offers more VR modules and guided experiences to choose from.


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