Researchers continue to publish studies that verify what many already know -- mindfulness works. Practicing mindfulness meditation relieves stress and anxiety, reduces pain, and improves health. The team at Neurovella Brain Spa in Los Angeles offers state-of-the-art technology that enhances mindfulness meditation. Contact the Brain Spa at 855-855-BRAIN or schedule an appointment online to learn how their meditation chair and virtual reality-guided meditation help you attain the benefits of mindfulness.

Mindfulness Q & A

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How does mindfulness improve mental and physical health?

Mindfulness is one of the best ways to relieve stress, which promotes wellness because stress is an underlying cause of many chronic health problems. As you use mindfulness to focus on the present moment, you release stress, worries, and negative thought patterns, and your mood and concentration improve.

Mindfulness meditation helps you regulate emotions and promotes brain activity in areas associated with positive emotions. It may boost the immune system, although this is under ongoing investigation.

Studies show that mindfulness meditation can work just as well as antidepressants in preventing a relapse into depression.

Other physical and emotional benefits of mindfulness include:

  • Relieves chronic pain
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Improves sleep
  • Alleviates symptoms caused by depression, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, PTSD, or obsessive-compulsive disorder

How can cutting-edge technology enhance mindfulness?

The team at Neurovella Brain Spa uses advanced technologies to help you develop mindfulness and to promote optimal results from your time spent in mindfulness meditation. They currently offer two cutting-edge options:

Meditation chair

The meditation chair provides an immersive meditation experience using music played over a 3D sound system and multi-frequency acoustic vibrations that are synchronized with the music. Your mind lets go of thoughts and stress as you listen to the music, while the vibrations eliminate physical tension throughout your body. The meditation chair enables a deep level of emotional release, relaxation, and profound mindfulness.

These are just two examples of meditation chair sessions available at Neurovella Brain Spa:

Relaxation session: Begins by immersing you in the ambiance of a summer rain then gradually increases the intensity of natural sounds and music, creating an environment that disrupts recurring thoughts. Gradually softens to a calm tone synchronized with soothing physical sensations.

Relaxation-stimulation session: You start with the soothing ambiance of a summer rain and continue with peaceful music. The sounds of nature synchronize with relaxing physical sensations that interrupt recurring thoughts and promote meditation. The session ends with a quick, stimulating energy recharge in the form of neuromuscular massage coordinated with captivating music and the sounds of nature.

Virtual reality-guided meditation

Virtual reality headgear immerses you in a realistic environment. As you relax in the chosen place, a guided meditation plays to focus your mind, eliminate outside sensory input, and enable mindfulness meditation.

Many forms of meditative practices are being developed at Neurovella; stay tuned for the entire NEUROVELLA OCTAVEâ„¢, which gives you more VR modules and guided experiences to choose from.

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