Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) often is associated with women and men in the military, but it can affect anyone who directly or indirectly experiences a traumatic event. The estimated 8% of adults who will develop PTSD experience ongoing distress and anxiety that may be debilitating. The team at Neurovella Brain Spa in Los Angeles is passionate about relieving symptoms of PTSD with innovative meditation and neurofeedback therapies. Contact the Brain Spa at 855-855-BRAIN or schedule an appointment online to learn more about the benefits of meditation for PTSD.


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Can neurofeedback alleviate PTSD symptoms?

Multiple studies, including a randomized controlled study published in December 2016, report that neurofeedback results in a significant reduction of PTSD symptoms. The studies also show that neurofeedback training improves emotion regulation and produces neurobiological changes.

How does neurofeedback work?

During neurofeedback training, you wear a cap that transmits electrical activity in your brain to a specialized computer program. The program uses a video game that shows whether you need to increase or decrease brain activity, then you see movement on the screen in real time as the video game responds to changes you make in brain activity.

As you continue to train your brain activity using neurofeedback, neural activity is rewired, connectivity patterns improve, and anxiety is alleviated.

What are brain mapping and neuromapping?

Prior to neurofeedback training at Neurovella Brain Spa, you may undergo neuroimaging or brain mapping. Neuroimaging takes images of the brain that reveal structures altered by stress and anxiety associated with PTSD. The images may be used to determine the best treatment options.

Brain mapping is an innovative process that measures your brainwaves using an electroencephalogram (EEG) and your heart rate while you perform simple tasks at a computer. The results are mapped to show which areas of your brain are underactive or overactive. The map is then used to develop neurofeedback training that targets areas of your brain that need to be restored to optimal neurological activity.

How does meditation alleviate PTSD symptoms?

Meditation, and the peaceful mindfulness it produces alleviate symptoms associated with PTSD. Practicing meditation helps you process the event that triggered PTSD. It may also change neural circuits in the brain regions that help you get out of the cycle of anxiety and negative thinking caused by PTSD.

Meditation is enhanced by cutting-edge technology at Neurovella Brain Spa, such as:

Meditation chair

The mediation chair offers seven modes of neuromuscular stimulation, 3D sound, and multi-frequency harmonic vibrations. As you listen to music and relax, vibrations eliminate tension in your body. The immersive experience produces deep serenity, promotes meditation and mental balance, and significantly reduces stress.

Virtual reality-guided meditation

Virtual reality headgear facilitates the sensation that you’re immersed in a peaceful environment as you listen to guided meditation sessions that eliminate negative thought patterns and diminishes stress.

What other therapies are available to diminish PTSD symptoms?

Neurovella Brain Spa offers intravenous infusions with optimal doses of vitamins, minerals, or antioxidants known to support your ability to fight stress. You may also be a good candidate for transcranial magnetic stimulation, which uses magnetic fields to stimulate nerves in underactive brain regions.

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